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Simonton Doors – Homeland Building Concepts of Kansas City

Once you decide upon the perfect patio piece for you, Homeland Building Concepts will assist you with the rest of the options available to you.

simonton-2For the best in patio doors, Homeland Building Concepts has what you need. As a trusted company in the area, we have a focus on customer choice unmatched by other business. With more than 20 years of experience, we understand that each home and business is unique, and we ensure that you have enough options to make your patio door match your specific style. Simonton Doors, one of the manufacturers available to you via Homeland Building Concepts, offers beautiful patio doors in six different styles.

Door Styles

Simonton Doors boasts six different styles of patio doors, so you are sure to find something to suit your style if you decide to select Simonton. Homeland Building Concepts is certified to install any type of Simonton door at your Kansas City area home or business and can help you select a superior performing door to fit in perfectly. Whether you want a simple sliding door or a more sophisticated option, Simonton Doors has plenty of options for you.

  •  • Garden Door
  •  • Patio Door
  •  • Narrow Frame Patio Door
  •  • Contemporary Sliding Patio Door
  •  • French Rail Sliding Patio Door
  •  • Fiberglass Hinged Patio Door


Once you decide upon the perfect patio piece for you, Homeland Building Concepts will assist you with the rest of the options available to you. You are able to select your frame, glass, color, and style options. This allows you to focus on what’s perfect for your project, while Homeland Building Concepts ensures that your door is installed with quality care and excellent customer service. For all of the options available at Simon Doors, give HBC a call today.


All garden and patio doors from Simonton come with a multi-point locking system that ensures your safety and security. In addition, it assists in protecting against the elements, such as weathering. You may select from keyed and non-keyed options for increased customization to your needs. All Simonton doors installed in Kansas City by Homeland Building Concepts are energy efficient and successful in reflecting harmful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy natural light.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

  • I hired Homeland Building Concepts to do the siding work on my new home. I am SOOO happy with their company! I will suggest Homeland Building Concepts to all family and friends!

    Julia Jackson

  • Homeland Building Concepts re-did insulation in my Grandma's home and it turned out great. I was a little leary to let someone work on her home because she doesn't understand this kind of stuff, but Homeland Building Concepts proved that I could trust them and would recommend them to anyone.

    Sally Hughes

  • I have used Homeland Building Concepts for the past two years. They do great work and I really appreciate how knowledgeable their staff is. I ordered two sets of windows and the first crew installed the windows with silver screws. When the second team came in, they saw that white screws would look better and they pulled all the screws out and put new ones in without me even asking them to and without charging me.

    Steve Mcgee

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