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22 August 2014


 August 22, 2014
Category Home Tips, Windows

It’s not a question anymore that energy efficient homes are better for the environment and better for your budget. But what if you bought an older home with a charming character with plans to turn it into the home of your dreams? Even if you bought an 1800s farmhouse, remodeling with energy efficiency in mind is easy. Your dream home can be a green home. Here are seven ways to be energy efficient when undertaking large remodeling projects.

  1. Upgrade your insulation, and choose spray foam when you do.

Without a doubt, one of the most important things to do when remodeling your home with energy efficiency in mind is to look at your insulation and upgrade it where ever possible. And remember when insulation was that weird, itchy, pink stuff? Although still around, fiberglass is quickly being overshadowed by spray foam, which goes much farther in terms of air resistance and insulation. Although it’s not an upgrade that you’ll see every day, it’s definitely one that you’ll notice every month as your energy costs decrease.

  1. Don’t forget about attics!

If you live in the Kansas City metro area or the surrounding areas, you likely have some type of attic. Although not handy as a hideout during tornado season, your attic likely houses important items, or at the very least, forgotten toys and maybe an heirloom or two. But that’s not everything that’s up there. Your attic is also the barrier between your roof and your interior and should therefore be insulated accordingly. Our spray foam options can handle both vented and non-vented attic spaces. A properly insulated attic can severely reduce your energy costs and improve your energy efficiency, so don’t forget about this important room!

  1. Replace windows and assess the features of new windows.

Most manufacturers these days can give you almost any style you can think of, right down to a custom-made, just-for-you, window of dreams. Therefore, when selecting a window, consider the features they include, not just the looks they have. For example, windows from Anderson utilize a patented Fibrex material, while those from Milgard offer a Fiberglass exterior and wood interior. coating to improve efficiency. Simonton manufactured windows offer low e-glass and gas fill options as well. Do your research to find the windows that fit your style and simultaneously cut your electric bill. No time for research? The professionals at HBC are more than happy to assist you with your replacement window decision if you are in the greater Kansas City area.

  1. Consider space when adding new construction.

More space doesn’t mean an automatic reduction in energy efficiency or even an increase in energy costs. However, it is important to consider how air flow and ductwork will be handled in any newly constructed room so that the room is properly heated and cooled without adding extra work to your air-conditioner or furnace. HBC specializes in new construction projects, so be sure to get with an expert design consultant when considering an addition or new building project. Be sure to consult a professional (like the ones at HBC, if you remember) to ensure that your new construction is perfect for you and your budget.

  1. Evaluate siding options when remodeling your exterior.

Technically, there is not yet a specific “green siding option.” However, you can determine which option is best for you while also minimizing your carbon footprint.HBC is here to assist you in choosing the best siding materials based on your aesthetics and goals- Take a look at siding materials as well as any weather resistant and other features they include. Remember that siding is the primary protector on the exterior of your home, so choose appropriately. Both fiber cement and vinyl siding options offered by HBC to Kansas City and the surroundings area customers are environmentally friendly options.

  1. Use caution when replacing patio and other types of doors.

If you are planning to replace your patio doors, remember to check for energy efficiency options. A patio door is a large part of a room, and as such can be helpful or harmful. Pay special attention to the features of the glass, as it is the most likely to have energy efficient options. Check the manufacturers’ energy efficiency specifications. Again, if researching the energy efficiency of patio doors is not your ideal Friday night, HBC has your back. During an expert design consultation, we will sit down with you and discuss all possible options, benefits, and drawbacks of the different manufacturers so that you can choose the best fit for your home.


There are many other aspects to consider when completing a remodel, from appliances all the way down to specific lighting, but those listed above are large scale factors often forgotten. For more information on turning your dream home into a green home, contact an HBC representative.