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Patio Door Installation – Quality Patio Doors From Andersen, Simonton, and Milgard

Homeland Building Concepts covers everything from new roof installation to roof replacement in the Kansas City area.

For more than 20 years, Homeland Building Concepts has been specializing in patio door installation. We offer a wide variety or patio door styles and options to our Kansas City area customers and stand behind our work 100%. Our labor warranties are some of the best in the business, and we offer multiple door manufacturers so that you get exactly what you want. We are able to provide quality patio door installation to any residence or business in the Kansas City Metro area, so if you are ready to add a little spice to your property with a beautiful patio door, contact HBC today!

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Ready to select your perfect patio door? When you contact Homeland Building Concepts in the Kansas City area for your patio door, we will start from the top with a free consultation. We will talk you though every step of the process, but it is important to us that your patio door fits in perfectly with your dream home. In other words, we want it to be a fun experience for you! With numerous manufacturers, styles, brands, and other options, such as Custom Widths, Heights - Foldable, Sliding, French and Moving glass wall systems you will be able to select every single aspect of your door to make it a perfect fit for you. We install patio doors made of many materials, including:
  •  • Wood
  •  • Vinyl
  •  • Fiberglass
  •  • Aluminum
  •  • Composite


HBC installs patio doors from Andersen, Milgard, and Simonton manufacturers. All patio door installations come with a manufacturer warranty that varies between manufacturers, but is usually at least 20 years. However, because HBC believes in the quality of our work, we also offer 10 year warranties on labor and installation. We offer the same warranties to all Kansas City area residential and commercial customers Ready to get started with adding a patio door to your home that will completely transform the room? Contact Homeland Building Concepts today!

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  • I hired Homeland Building Concepts to do the siding work on my new home. I am SOOO happy with their company! I will suggest Homeland Building Concepts to all family and friends!

    Julia Jackson

  • Homeland Building Concepts re-did insulation in my Grandma's home and it turned out great. I was a little leary to let someone work on her home because she doesn't understand this kind of stuff, but Homeland Building Concepts proved that I could trust them and would recommend them to anyone.

    Sally Hughes

  • I have used Homeland Building Concepts for the past two years. They do great work and I really appreciate how knowledgeable their staff is. I ordered two sets of windows and the first crew installed the windows with silver screws. When the second team came in, they saw that white screws would look better and they pulled all the screws out and put new ones in without me even asking them to and without charging me.

    Steve Mcgee

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