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14 August 2014


 August 14, 2014
Category Home Tips, Windows
If you have a home in the greater Kansas City area, take a second to inspect your windows. Are your frames looking old, worn, and warped? Do they “fit in” with the rest of your home? Do you have cold in the winter or heat in the summer coming into your home via your windows? The interior pane of glass should always be the same temperature as the room you are standing in. If any of the elements are making their way into your home through your windows, it’s time for new windows! Are they still keeping out the majority of background noise? Do any of them appear damaged or less than perfect in any way? Unless your windows are perfectly pristine, it may be time to think about replacement windows. Although repairs can be effective, if your window needs numerous or extensive repairs, replacement windows are more beneficial for the happiness and value of your home. So why should you invest your money in window replacements like those offered at HBC?

It helps your energy efficiency ratings.

If you haven’t heard about energy ratings, Energy Star qualifications, and energy efficiency, then allow us to pull you into this decade. Energy efficient homes are an important consideration these days, and rightly so. Upgrading a home can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. Replacing your windows with energy efficient versions from a reputable manufacturer is an easy first step toward improving the energy efficiency of your home. Windows installed by HBC decrease energy costs, insulate properly, and are much cooler than all the other windows in the neighborhood.

It lets the good light in.

Over time, as windows become older and dirtier, no matter how you clean them, they just do not let in those lovely morning sun rays like they used to. Natural light is a free way to make your home look bigger, and natural light has many benefits to home and work spaces. Newer windows, like those from Andersen, Milgard, or Simonton include features that reflect the bad rays while absorbing the happy ones.

It can save money.

Obviously, if your window just needs a simple repair, it will be less expensive than ordering replacement windows. However, if you have a frame that has rot or damages that will cost hundreds of dollars in repairs, consider a replacement window. You will spend a little more initially, but with HBC and manufacturer warranties, you will not need another repair for quite some time. Also, you will notice a difference in your electric bill when it comes to heating and cooling costs.

It improves the consistency of your home.

If you have remodeled or replaced anything on the interior or exterior of your home, chances are you changed the design and style to something that is more…you. If you have upgraded or replaced your roofing or siding, chances are, your windows are not quite the best fit any longer. Choosing the right replacement windows will add to your curb appeal and make you a little happier to call your place in the Kansas City area your home.

What is important to you?

If you need a little more help in determining if replacement windows are right for your home and your budget, contact a window replacement specialist, such as those at Homeland Building Concepts for any questions in Kansas City or its surrounding areas.